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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Working at St Wilfrid's

Ryan Calver, Business Studies Teacher & Leader of Opportunities

“I started my career here at St Wilfrid's and it was the best decision I have made. The school has a strong community from the staff and students. When I leave the building at the end of the day, I only look forward to the next day. Working here St Wilfrid's offers you opportunity to develop your academic pedagogy but also to develop you as a person. It has allowed me to progress in my career, joining as a trainee to now having whole school responsibility.  I can simply say, I am very honoured to be working for St Wilfrid's Catholic School.”        


Sophie Patience, ECT History Teacher & House Leader

“Working at St Wilfrid’s Catholic School is a truly rewarding experience. The staff here foster a supportive community creating an atmosphere where you feel valued and respected. Resources and ideas are shared for continued professional development and encouragement to enhance our journey and ability as teachers. The St Wilfrid’s community extends beyond the professional realms and together we work to empower students not only academically but also morally and spiritually. The mission of this school is felt in every aspect of school life and creates a sense of unity and collective purpose that makes it a joy to work here. You really feel supported and able to contribute to the development of the students. I genuinely feel so grateful to work here and to wake up every day excited to go work.“                               


Emily Zeidler, Deputy SL For MFL & House Leader

“The community spirit and energy around St Wilfrid’s is infectious. There is an incomparable buzz around the school! Students are incredible to work with and have a real zest for learning and all staff are approachable and supportive. Having worked here for 3 years, I have been encouraged to take on new opportunities and have had support and guidance in progressing in my career. I am very proud to be part of such a fantastic community of people and would highly recommend it as a workplace!”                                                                                                                                                       


Please visit our YouTube channel to see some of the many activities that take place at St Wilfrid's including our infamous end of Term staff films!