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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Working at St Wilfrid's

Lucy Cearns, Subject Leader for Drama

“As soon as I arrived for my interview, I knew that St Wilfrid’s was a special place and that I really wanted to work here. The staff have been so welcoming and supportive since I joined in what have been extraordinary circumstances this year and the students are incredible – it is a caring and respectful school community. The ethos is evident in all areas of the school from assemblies led by an inspirational senior leadership team right down to the way students treat each other in the playground, it really is a wonderful school and I am so glad to be a part of it.”     


Kelsey Towson, Subject Leader for Dance

“You only need to walk around the school to see what a vibrant place St Wilfrid’s is.. The sense of community and passion they have for developing both students and staff across all subjects is second to none. Having joined the school during the toughest year for everyone, I still went home every day knowing there wasn’t any other school I would rather call my place of work. I hope you've already downloaded the application form!”                                                 



Hannah  Lay, Social Sciences Teacher

“I am currently in my third-year teaching at St Wilfrid’s. Throughout my time at this school I have been extremely happy and have felt a valued part of the strong community. I have been supported by other members of the team who have always been there to provide advice if needed. The ethos of the school is compassionate and warm and the staff at St Wilfrid’s are an incredibly fantastic team to work alongside. St Wilfrid's is strongly committed to the happiness and well-being of their lovely students as well as their staff. Over these years I have been given a wide range of opportunities for progression and have been supported throughout these new ventures during my career progression. The school is a wonderful school to work for, I am very blessed to be here!” 


Please visit our YouTube channel to see some of the many activities that take place at St Wilfrid's including our infamous end of Term staff films!