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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:                     Miss C Treagus

Travel & Tourism Teacher:   Mrs R Hurst




Key Stage 4

The BTEC Award in Travel and Tourism is a practical course, where research and investigation are the main skills used. There are a total of four units that are assessed. One of the units is an examination and the remaining 75% of the course is assessed through coursework.  


The four units that students study are: 

  • Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector:  Travel and tourism is one of the UK’s largest sectors, currently employing over 2.5 million people.  In this unit, you will gain an understanding of the range of organisations involved with different types of tourism in the UK, including their roles, how they work together and how they use technology to meet changing customer needs.  
  • Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations: This unit will give you an understanding of what the UK travel and tourism industry has to offer to tourists. It will enable you to identify and locate tourist destinations, major UK airports and seaports, as well as to discover sea routes and three-letter airport codes; you will also investigate the appeal of different types of UK destinations to different customer types. 
  • Unit 3: The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience: In this synoptic unit you will look at the definition of customer service and what the main aims of customer service are; this may differ depending on the size and type of the travel and tourism organisation. Finally, you will consider the importance of customer service to travel and tourism organisations and understand the impacts of getting customer service right or, in some cases, wrong. 
  • Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism Destinations: There are over 190 countries in the world. How many will you visit in your lifetime? Working in the travel industry provides opportunities to explore some of these countries, so why not start dreaming now, and look at some of the fascinating destinations that exist? Throughout this unit you will be asked to locate numerous international holiday destinations and their gateways. You will also be asked to investigate natural features, local attractions, accommodation and transport options to suit a variety of customers in various holiday destinations. 


Key Stage 5
This is a two year course where students complete a BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Travel and Tourism which is broadly equivalent to one A Level.  

It is assessed through 4 units, 2 of which are internally assessed pieces of coursework and there is one externally assessed exam and one externally assessed controlled assessment. 


The course is composed of a variety of units as follows: 




The world of Travel and Tourism 


This unit provides the foundation for learners to study other units in travel and tourism. They will explore the key components and scale of the industry, using data to analyse key trends and their impact.

Global Destinations 


Learners investigate and analyse information regarding the features and appeal of global destinations, travel planning, and the factors and trends affecting the changing popularity of global destinations. 

Principles of marketing in travel and tourism 


Learners focus on how to develop a successful marketing plan for use by travel and tourism organisations to attract and engage customers. 

Visitor Attractions 


Learners develop analytical skills as they investigate the nature and role of both built and natural visitor attractions, their commercial success, appeal, response to diverse visitor needs and the importance of delivering a memorable visitor experience.