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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:                   Miss C Treagus

Travel & Tourism Teacher:    Mrs R Hurst

Department Website:


The BTEC Award in Travel and Tourism is a practical course, where research and investigation are the main skills used. There are a total of four units that are assessed. One of the units is an examination and the remaining 75% of the course is assessed through coursework.  


The four units that students study are: 

  • Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector:  Travel and tourism is one of the UK’s largest sectors, currently employing over 2.5 million people.  In this unit, you will gain an understanding of the range of organisations involved with different types of tourism in the UK, including their roles, how they work together and how they use technology to meet changing customer needs.  

  • Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations: This unit will give you an understanding of what the UK travel and tourism industry has to offer to tourists. It will enable you to identify and locate tourist destinations, major UK airports and seaports, as well as to discover sea routes and three-letter airport codes; you will also investigate the appeal of different types of UK destinations to different customer types. 

  • Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism Destinations: There are over 190 countries in the world. How many will you visit in your lifetime? Working in the travel industry provides opportunities to explore some of these countries, so why not start dreaming now, and look at some of the fascinating destinations that exist? Throughout this unit you will be asked to locate numerous international holiday destinations and their gateways. You will also be asked to investigate natural features, local attractions, accommodation and transport options to suit a variety of customers in various holiday destinations. 

  • Unit 6: The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience: In this unit you will look at the definition of customer service and what the main aims of customer service are; this may differ depending on the size and type of the travel and tourism organisation. Finally, you will consider the importance of customer service to travel and tourism organisations and understand the impacts of getting customer service right or, in some cases, wrong. 


Key Stage 5

This is a two year course where students complete a BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Travel and Tourism which is broadly equivalent to one A Level.  

It is assessed through 6 units all of which are all internally assessed pieces of coursework. 



The course is composed of a variety of units as follows: 





Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector 


This unit enables learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism sector, its component industries, their role and the interrelationships within the sector. Learners will develop knowledge and understanding of how the sector has developed over the last 50 years, what it is today and how it is being affected by current trends and factors. 


The UK as a Destination 


This unit enables learners to develop their skills in locating destinations in the United Kingdom and also gain an overview of the UK tourism product and how it attracts and meets the needs of domestic and inbound visitors. Learners will develop their understanding of the factors that affect tourism to and within the UK. The unit supports the development of research skills through the exploration of UK tourist destinations and their locations. 


Customer Service in Travel and Tourism 


This unit enables learners to gain understanding of how excellent customer service contributes to the success of travel and tourism organisations. Learners will develop knowledge and skills to provide customer service and achieve sales in travel and tourism situations. 


Preparing for Employment in Travel and Tourism 


This unit will develop learners’ knowledge about career opportunities in travel and tourism, and the stages of recruitment and selection. Learners will develop skills in applying for employment, and understanding of the factors that motivate employees and contribute to a positive working environment. 


European Destinations 


In this unit learners will gain skills to enable them to locate and explore the diverse destinations that make up the European travel market. They will develop their knowledge of the appeal of destinations for different leisure experiences and gain an understanding of the factors affecting the development and decline of selected destinations. 


Researching Current Issues in Travel and Tourism 


The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop skills in research methodology and use these to explore the complexities of the travel and tourism sector and the key issues that affect it.