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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:              Mrs Lay

Sociology Teacher:        Miss Wilson

Website:                  St Wilfrid's Catholic School - Sociology



Sociology is the systematic study of human groups and social life in modern societies. Students will learn how people relate to each other in groups such as families, school and workplaces and examine the impact of gender, social class, ethnicity and religion on life chances. These ideas will be further applied to explaining the human need for belief and the human capacity for crime.

Key Stage 5

Below is a summary of the A Level course content for sociology. The department delivers the AQA sociology syllabus, this allows us to explore the major themes of sociology such as socialisation, stratification and power and social control through a variety of different subject topics. Students will also develop an understanding of how to conduct sociological research and of the major sociological theories, such as Marxism, Feminism and Functionalism.

This is a two-year linear course and students will gain an A level qualification by sitting 3 exams at the end of year 13. Students will not be sitting the stand alone AS level qualification except in specific circumstances.

The three A level modules are Contribution to the A Level

Paper 1 Education, methods in context, theory & methods (2 hr) 33.3%

Paper 2 Family & households, belief (2 hr) 33.3%

Paper 3 Crime & deviance, theory & methods (2hr) 33.3%