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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Every year there are students who are disappointed with the grade they achieve. If you're disappointed with your grade you might consider whether you could sit exams in the Autumn series to improve your grade. However, if you are concerned that the grade your have received is wrong then there is an Appeals process for you to follow.

Instructions on how to proceed with either of these options can be found below. Important information and request forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

Autumn Exams

If you decide that you want an opportunity to improve your grade by sitting the exam in October/November then you need to email a completed Internal Candidate Entry Form to


A Level entries : Wednesday 1st September
GCSE entries :  Wednesday 15th September


If you decide to make an appeal then you must read the Appeals Information for Students below before completing and returning the Student Appeal Form to


Priority* appeals : Thursday 12th August
Non-priority appeals : Monday 6th September


*A priority appeal is only for students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice (i.e. the offer they accepted as their first choice) and wish to appeal an A level or other Level 3 qualification result.

Further Information can be found about the Summer 2021 grading process on the JCQ website by clicking here.