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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”  

Subject Leader:     Mr C Iddles

PE Teachers:           Mr Ashleigh-Morris, Miss Clements, Ms Jennings, Miss Neely, Mr Sapwell
                                  & Miss Towson 

Website:                  St Wilfrid's Catholic School - Physical Education

Instagram:              St Wilfrid's PE

Twitter:                    @wilfrid_school



Physical Education at St Wilfrid’s requires students to think not only about how they perform with regards to the techniques and tactics they employ, but about how their body works and reacts to exercise. What sports might motivate them, and will they have the skills and knowledge to continue in a lifelong journey of active participation after their school years?  


Key Stage 3  

In the lower school years, Physical Education is taught as a ‘core’ subject. Activities offered are across a range of criteria to reflect National Curriculum requirements as well as logistical and philosophical considerations. We offer a combination of indoor and outdoor activities, major games, net games, aesthetic pursuits, fitness and athletics. Students are assessed on progressive theoretical knowledge and practically through generic criteria such as their ability to outwit opponents and to create innovative sequences of movement. They are encouraged to reflect on activity as part of their lifestyle choices and are assessed on their theoretical understanding working towards KS4 options. 


Key Stage 4  

In this age bracket we continue as above in core PE but focus increasingly on actually playing sports, including innovative and alternative ones. We offer pathways at year 11, providing opportunities to follow activities that may suit the students preference.  We also provide opportunities to lead and participate in their chosen activity with guidance and support provided by staff.

We offer both GSCE and BTEC option courses at Level 2 (KS4). GCSE follows an academic route, with 60% of marks awarded for a final exam and 40% comprised of 3 different practical sports and a coursework element. BTEC Tech in Sport follows some similar topics  of knowledge but with a vocational overlay. The three components are taken over 2 years, including an opportunity to express their sporting ability, lead other students and understand the concepts of health and fitness in more detail. The third component is an external exam at the end of the course, worth 40%. GCSE Dance is offered at 60% practical and 40% theory with the additional opportunities of trips and academy route ways. We also offer additional sessions and have our own youth dance company that students could be selected for.


Key Stage 5  

Physical Education currently offers A Level PE at this age group. Seven units are taught over 2 years, including Anatomy and Physiology, Sport and Society and Psychology of Sport. This encompasses 70% theory and 30% practical weighting focussing on one student chosen sport and coursework looking at analysis and evaluation.