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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Physical Education is one of the best courses for anyone interested in developing a career in sport or science.  You will develop an excellent understanding of how the body, mind and society can impact on elite sports, as well as grass routes. 


Qualification Information

           Mr Iddles
   Subject Leader for      Physical Education

Entry Requirements:      Grade 6+ in GCSE PE, Science and Maths/ Merit in BTEC                                                          Sport Level 2. Students should be regularly participating in a
                                              high level of sport or looking to gain a coaching qualification
                                              and to coach a team.

Length of Course:             2 Years 

Assessment:                      70% Examination 30% Courswork

Components:                     Paper 1 looks at the factors affecting participation in                                                             physical activity and sport.
                                              Paper 2 looks at the factors affecting optimal performance in
                                              physical activity and sport.

Qualification:                    AQA A Level Physical Education


What will I Study?
You will learn about the body so yes, muscles and bones, however, it's how this is applied to sport ,and sporting situations.  You will look at society and how sport can reflect our sports.  For example, why is rugby considered to be a more 'gentlemanly' game than football?  
You will explore the exciting area of biomechanics, a section that will test your scientific application.  You will learn about the psychology of sport and ask question such as, why do some sports performers appear to thrive under pressure, where others panic and fail?  Is your talent down to your parents or is to all down to you?  These are all elements that are covered on course as well as performance analysis including methods of fitness and training. 
Am I right for the course?

If you have a single sport that you are playing at a high standard, and you are interested in finding the answers to some of the  questions raised above, then the course is for you.  There is a scientific element, but it's all applied to sports and fitness.  


Where next?

A level PE is one of the most regarded of the A-levels.  Namely due to the broad level of skills you will develop.  Performance analysis, essay writing as well as the discipline of your own practical performances.  A Level PE can open up a range of career opportunities.   There is a teaching degree, a sports science degree which can then lead into sports coaches, fitness instructors and personal trainers, nutritionist,  sports therapist, sports analysts.  Sports manager, sports administrator, sports marketing, sports writer.  


  1. Will there be any practical lessons?
    In short, no, the expectation is that you are performing/coaching outside of lesson time. However, we do attempt to include practical examples within our teaching.
  2. What sports can I use to perform/coach in?
    This is decided by the exam board, but a list of these can be found on the AQA website or just ask.
  3. Do I need to have taken Dance / PE or BTEC Sport to take this course?
    It is highly recommended having some foundation knowledge, however, if you have not taken one of these courses but meet the other entry requirements and participate at a high level, and, are willing to work hard to catch up then we will consider your application. 

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