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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

A level Philosophy and Ethics will encourage you to explaore and challenge our assumptions about what we are, how we think, and the nature of the world around us.


Qualification Information

       Mrs Baldwin
   Subject Leader for           Philosophy

Entry Requirements:      Grade 6+ RE GCSE or Grade 6+ GCSE English if RE was not
                                              studied at GCSE

Length of Course:            2 Years 

Assessment:                      100% Examinations

Components:                     Philosophy 2hrs
                                              Ethics 2hrs
                                              Development of Christian Thought 2hrs

Qualification:                    OCR A Level Philosophy


What will I Study?

In Philosophy you will look at the ancient greek views on existence and the soul before looking at arguments for the Existence of God and Religious Language. Ethics will explore different ethical theories before applying them to issues such as euthanasia and business. Development of Christian thought explores issues around Christian beliefs such as life after death, Jesus and how we respond to other faiths.


Am I right for the course?

If you enjoy debate and discussion and are able to question why, then this is the course for you. You need not accept things at face value and be prepared to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.


Where next?

A Level Philosophy and Ethics opens many doors and is highly respected by universities. Many students have gone into careers in Law, Business, Education, Journalism and many more.


  1. Is it the same as RE? There are religious elements but they are different. We look much more at the big questions as well as looking at ethics and morality.
  2. Is there a coursework element to this A Level?
    No, this A Level is assessed by three two hour exams and essay writing.

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