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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.”

Dean Schlicter

Subject Leader:   Mrs Tucker
Deputy Subject Leader: Mrs Houlton
Maths Teachers: Mr Baxter, Mrs Coote, Mrs Denyer, Miss Neely, Mrs Milham,
Mr Redmayne, Mrs Spence & Mrs Wright
Website:  St Wilfrid's Catholic School - Maths


Curriculum Intent:

We believe that students deserve an ambitious mathematics curriculum, that aims to develop student’s confidence and prepares them well for everyday life and future employment. Our mathematics curriculum will give students the opportunity to develop fluency, reason mathematically and enhance their problem-solving skills. Students are supported whilst they develop independence and the resilience to break down a problem into small steps and persevere while seeking solutions. Students are given the opportunity to master and not merely memorise facts. The curriculum is designed to support quick and efficient recall of key concepts so that students are able to conjecture, develop an argument and justify their ideas.


Curriculum Implementation:

We do this by supporting each individual student to access an ambitious curriculum and strive for the highest of standards. Every individual is challenged at an appropriate level and supported to overcome any barriers to learning. The curriculum is regularly reviewed and adapted to meet the strengths and needs of the incoming year group and students are able to move between pathways as they move through the school.


Key Stage 3:

Year 7, students begin a programme of study tailored specifically to their attainment in Year 6. This pathway is a 5-year journey toward their external examinations in year 11.

We work closely with our locality and feeder schools to ensure a consistent approach to teaching key concepts as well as ensuring a collective understanding of the latest developments in the national curriculum. Teaching staff are “experts” in their field and they use a wide range of high-quality resources which seek to inspire a love of learning for all students whilst ensuring that the applications as well as the beauty of mathematics in everyday life are highlighted.


Key stage 4:

Students study the AQA Linear 8300 

GCSE Mathematics has a foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a higher tier (grades 4 – 9).  Students will either study foundation, crossover or higher material. The crossover combines the harder elements of the foundation paper and the easier elements of the higher and covers up to a grade 6. Students studying crossover will have the opportunity to take either paper, this decision will be made after mock exams in Year 11. Individual topics are not graded and could be assessed at any level of difficulty within the higher and foundation tier specification.


Key Stage 5:
In Years 12 and 13 students have the opportunity to study Mathematics A level and Further Mathematics AS and A level.


Useful Study links

Every student will have been given a log in for the Hegarty or Sparx Maths which are online tuition and assessment websites

We have subscriptions with the following sites which have useful videos and work sheets to help students with their mathematics:

We also suggest that students use these free websites to revise and further their understanding: (KS5)