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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

A level mathematics is an interesting and challenging course which extends the methods you learned at GCSE, the mathematical skills you learn will support many other subjects at A level and beyond.


Qualification Information

        Mrs Tucker
  Subject Leader for                Maths

Entry Requirements:       GCSE Maths Grade 7+

Length of Course:             2 Years 

Assessment:                      100% Examination 

Components:                     2 Pure papers 1 and 1 applied paper consisting of Statistics                                                 and Mechanics questions

Qualification:                     Edexcel A Level Maths



What will I Study?

The A-level material consists of pure maths topics; proof, algebra and functions; co-ordinate geometry; sequence and series; advanced trigonometry; exponentials and logarithms; differentiation; integration and vectors. The compulsory applied mathematics topics are statistical sampling; data presentation and interpretation; probability; statistical distributions; statistical hypothesis testing; kinematic; forces and Newton’s Laws.


Am I right for the course?

Do you enjoy the thrill of problem solving? Are you logical and precise? Although mathematics can be a creative subject you do need to be able to work methodically and understand the need to be precise. You will spend 4-5 hours a week in lessons and then will spend a similar amount of time outside of lessons studying it.


Where next?

Mathematics is a desirable qualification for many career pathways. It is considered to be a facilitating subject for other subject areas. The mathematical skills you learn in mathematics are of great benefit in other subject areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, computing, geography, psychology, economics and business studies. Career opportunities include:- accountancy, actuarial studies, computer programming, medicine, mechanical and aeronautical engineering, banking, law, statistical and data analysis, teaching.


  1. Is it much harder than GCSE Maths?
    The course starts in year 12 revisiting and building on the algebra skills you have learned in Higher tier GCSE. We then move on to introduce you to Calculus and more advanced statistics and Mechanics topics.
  2. How will I be taught and assessed?
    Lessons are a mixture of methods and examples taught from the board. There are opportunities for group work and using technology. There are Power Points and write in booklets to support you. We do expect you to practice new concepts using the course textbook at home. Regular homework is set; there a short exam question tasks as well as longer independent study tasks. There are regular mini tests as well as longer half termly assessments. You will need a calculator suitable for A level mathematics. These can be bought at a discounted rate via school.
  3. I’m not that confident at algebra - can I still do A level mathematics?
    Two thirds of the A level content has a link to algebra so if you struggle with these skills then A Level maths is probably not for you.

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