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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Internal Candidates

On Thursday 9 November you will receive a welcome email from Applicaa inviting you to register for VI Form application.  Please follow the link and log on to your application and it will link to your school information.  You will then be able to complete the application for VI Form.


External Candidates
Please visit our school website and click on the VI Form Heading.  Click on the VI Form Application Form 24-25 on the right-hand side of this screen and it will take you to the online registration form and application process for applying for a place in St Wilfrid’s VI Form.  Applications can be started and submitted from after 19:00hrs on  9 November 2023.  


This process is the same for both internal and external students.

There is an A level taster day on Tuesday 30th January 2024, and as part of the application process, there will be meetings to discuss VI Form options in February 2024.

External students will be offered a meeting with our VI Form team following references being received from their current school.


After the meeting, students will be offered a conditional offer based on their suitability for a place in VI Form.  Although there is no minimum academic requirement for entry into the VI Form, each subject area does have an advised entry requirement. There are some Level 3 BTEC subjects available.


Following the conditional offer of a place in VI Form, students will be expected to attend our VI Form Induction Day on Tuesday 27 June 2024.  It will be an opportunity to learn something about the expectations of the VI Form and to find out more about individual subjects. 




Enrolment for VI Form will be on GCSE Results Day, Thursday 22 August 2024.  Staff will be available from 0900-1200 hours.  This post-results meeting gives students the opportunity to discuss their results and agree final option choices however it may result in any conditional offer being withdrawn due to the advised entry requirements not being achieved.

All of the information above will be processed through the online application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions over the application process at


  1. How many subjects can I choose? 
    You are only required to study 3 but choose 4 in order for your interview. 

  2. Can I have a mix of A Level & BTEC subjects?
    Yes, this is a good idea and well received by universities.

  3. Are BTEC's the same as A Levels?
    In size and status yes, however, BTEC's will have more course work. 

  4. When do I need to apply by?
    Applications close on  Friday 26 January 2024.

  5. Do you support Oxbridge applications?
    Yes, we have two dedicated tutor groups for all Oxbridge applicants.

  6. Do you have extra support for Russell group students?
    Yes, the same as Oxbridge, you will get specialist support and guidance on the application, including visits.

  7. Are we allowed offsite when we have study periods?
    Yes, however, this is restricted to enhance your study time in the VI Form.