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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

As part of our commitment to inform parents/carers about your child’s progress, we have an online internet 
based package that allows you to access assessment levels, reports and other information.

This package is called Go4Schools and will allow you to see your child’s current attainment,
attendance information and reports.

Logging on to Go4Schools
Go4Schools makes use of your email address in order for you to register with/log on to the site.
You can only use the email address that is registered with the school as this information links
you to your child. There are a number of security measures in place so that only those parents/
carers linked to each child can access the information.

Please click here to log on to Go4Schools. You will need to log on as a first time user. Type in
your email address that is registered with the school (eg. and
request a password. You will receive a password to your registered email account (eg. your
gmail account) after which you can use your registered email and newly supplied password to
log on to the Go4Schools parent site.

You can then change your password to something more memorable sing the ‘My Settings’
section of the website.

If you have a child at another school using Go4schools and you have registered the same email
address with both schools, you will be given tue choice as to which school you wish to view
when you log on.

If you have not registered your email addresses with St Wilfrid’s, you will not be able to log on until
you have contacted the school and registered your email address. You can do this by using the
contact email: Also please use this address to make changes to your
contact information or if you have any queries.