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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Equality & Diversity

“To provide an inspiring and personalised education for all our students, enabling them to realise their full potential within a dynamic environment which follows the teachings and values of Christ and His Church”

At St Wilfrid's we believe in:

The Education of All

St Wilfrid’s is committed to being fully inclusive, to removing barriers and creating opportunities.

The Education of the Whole Person

We are committed to the holistic development of each student; to enable them to make a positive contribution to society. School is preparation for life, which in itself, is preparation for eternal life.

The Celebration of Uniqueness

We recognise the individual talents of all; that each child is made in God’s image and that every member of the community should be treated with dignity and respect.

A Search for Excellence

This is a search for a Gospel standard. It involves everyone aiming to be the very best they can be in everything they think, say and do.

High Moral Principles

To treat others with dignity and respect; to promote tolerance and acceptance through love and forgiveness. To stand up to social injustice and strive for a better society for all.

The Common Good

To consider our impact on others and the environment. To work hard to support those in need and to commit to improving the care of our common home. There is no “Planet B”.