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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:                 Mrs Sparks

Deputy Subject Leader:  Mrs Harrison

English Teachers:           Miss Anderson, Miss Beck, Miss Dineen, Mrs Jones, Mrs Lutwyche, Miss Mashford                                                     & Mrs Rockingham 

Website:                           St Wilfrid's Catholic School - English




Only Connect – E M Forster

In English, we nurture students in order that they are confident in all aspects of our subject area: reading; writing; speaking and listening through interesting and challenging units of work. These key skills are essential for a successful transition into adulthood.


Key Stage 3

English at St. Wilfrid’s is taught in year 7and 8,through a 2 year structured programme of discrete, yet complimentary units which are based on the current guidelines set out by the DfE. Each year has a theme: Year 7 is Character; Year 8 is Voice. There is a mix of units which cover key language and literature topics. As a department we aim to engage and excite students with challenging and thought –provoking units of work.


Key Stage 4

The department delivers 2 full GCSEs in English Language and English Literature from year nine in order that the full curriculum can be delivered comprehensively. For English Language, students are examined on the key skills of critical reading and comprehension; summary and synthesis and comparison of texts as well as crafting their own writing. There are 2 examination papers for English Language:

Paper One:  Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing.

Paper Two: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives.

English Literature GCSE again is skills based. Students are examined on the key skills of critical reading; literal and inferential comprehension and their evaluative techniques.  There are two examination papers for English Literature:

Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel.

Paper 2:  Modern texts and poetry.


Key Stage 5

 English Literature is offered at A Level. The qualification leads on from the GCSE curriculum yet with a more analytical emphasis. Students consolidate the key skills which they have learnt and applied during the previous key stages.

The English Literature Curriculum is  structured in three modules:

Paper 1: Love through the Ages

Paper 2 : Texts in shared contexts

Non exam assessment : Independent Critical Study: Texts across time