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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:         Miss C Treagus 

Website:                  St Wilfrid's Catholic School - Economics



Students will study A-Level Economics over two years.    


Course Description 
This course provides students with an insight into the world of Economics and real world issues. So if you have wondered why prices change, why Europe produces food surpluses, why the Chancellor of the Exchequer presents an annual budget and why has the government introduced university top-up fees? then Economics will help you answer those questions. 


The subject aims to develop understanding of concepts and theories through current economic issues, problems and institutions that affect everyday life. Students will learn to apply economic ideas to a range of contexts and develop a critical approach towards economic policy. The course encourages students to research topics using a variety of different materials and develops skills relevant to higher education or employment. The current economic climate makes this a fascinating time to study this subject. 


The course is designed so that no prior knowledge is required. Students explore a range of economic issues and draw on data from local, national and international sources.  It is important that students choosing this course have an interest in current news affairs. 


The course also provides students with an opportunity to investigate industrial economics, which is useful for management and financial careers. It also looks at specific topics which include the EU, international trade and the UK in the global economy. Whilst studying, students will develop their evaluation skills and be able to apply complex ideas to a wide range of contexts.  


Assessment is 100% exam based.  There will be 3 examinations at the end of Y13 for the A-Level qualification.