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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:                Miss Towson

Dance Teacher:                Miss Lintern-Goodall


The Dance department strive to develop student’s creative, technical and performance skills through enjoyable fast-paced dynamic lessons. The subjects chosen are derived to engage and instantly interest students by using current performance artists as examples and set works that inspire students to develop their own material. We encourage students to push their physical capabilities and create original responses in order to develop as a performer and choreographer.

Key Stage 3 Girls

  • Year 7 girls investigate Matilda the musical and explore this musical by learning a version of the dance routine that is performed in the West End.
  • Year 8 girls investigate their unit Dance styles. The styles the students explore range from Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary to Hip-Hop, Latin and Jive.
  • Year 9 girls complete a technique unit and a choreography unit in order to prepare them for GCSE Dance if they wish to take this option. The students explore their performance skills, commitment, energy, balance, extension and focus throughout this unit of work. The students work on choreographic skills using choreographic devices such as repetition, canon and fragmentation.

Key Stage 3 Boys

  • Year 7 boys will explore a Secret Agents scheme of work. There is an element of focus on characterisation and extreme dynamic contrast, which will help to develop pupil’s expressive performance skills. Choreographically, pupils will have the opportunity to become creative using the stimuli supplied.
  • Year 8 boys will complete a Tribes scheme of work. Students will build upon their teamworking skills and demonstrate how to perform as part of a pack.
  • Year 9 boys complete a unit of work based on ‘Free running’. Within this unit the students work on their physical strength and control. The students incorporate elements of dance, with break dancing and free running to create collaborative group choreography.

Key Stage 4 AQA GCSE Dance

Component 1: Performance and choreography (60%)

Performance (30%)

  • Solo Performance (2 x 30 secs)
  • Performance in duet/trio (3 to 5 mins)

Choreography (30%)

  • Solo/Group (2.30-3.30mins)
    Choreography based on exam questions set by the AQA exam board. These are released in September of Year 11.

Component 2: Dance Appreciation (40%)

  • Written examination 1 hours 30 minutes
  • Section A: Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes. Questions will relate to a given stimulus or starting point.
  • Section B: Critical appreciation of own work. Questions will relate to your own experience of performance, or choreography or both within the course.
  • Section C: Critical appreciation of professional works. You will answer questions relating to the GCSE Dance anthology.


Key Stage 5 AQA A Level Dance

Component 1: Performance and choreography (50%)

  • Solo performance linked to a specified practitioner within an area of study
  • Performance in a quartet
  • Group choreography


Component 2: Critical engagement (50%)

  • Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Section A: Short answer questions (25 marks) and one essay question (25 marks) on the compulsory set work/area of study.
  • Section B: Two essay questions on the set work/area of study (25 marks for each essay) 

Dance Clubs and Opportunities

Due to Covid restrictions there is a current pause on clubs being able to run. Below is a list of clubs we have run previously:

  • Year 7 Dance Club every Tuesday in Activity Space
  • Year 8 Dance Club every Tuesday in Drama Studio
  • Year 11 Choreography every Thursday in Activity Space 
  • Year 9 & 10 Dance Club every Friday 
  • Annual Dance show in March
  • Dance Trips and workshops-LABAN, Pineapple, Watching professional dance works in the community
  • Become a Dance Student Leader: 6th Formers lead Dance clubs for younger years


Supporting Gifted and Talented Students

  • There is a gifted and talented programme to supply students with the best possible opportunities within dance.
  • This includes opportunities to audition for Centre of Advanced training schemes within professional dance schools such as London contemporary Dance School, LABAN and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.
  • Professional training is supplied through workshops with professional companies such as LABAN and Boy Blue who are a company from the GCSE Anthology’s list.