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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Subject Leader:                   Miss C Treagus

Business Studies Teachers:   Miss F Logan Assistant SL, Mrs R Hurst

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In Business Studies we offer a range of academic and vocational subjects to meet different student’s needs.  We have highly equipped classrooms and the best most up to date resources to enhance teaching. 


Key Stage 3      
Not Applicable 


Key Stage 4 

In Business Studies students learn about 5 key areas of business, using up to date case studies and video media. 


  • Businesses and their external environment - covering areas like the types of businesses that exist, the government and its impact on business, law and legislation and some basic economics. 

  • Human Resources – how people are affected by business, organised and used in business as well as how they are paid and motivated. 

  • Production – how companies make their products using people and machines. 

  • Marketing – the art of the 4Ps – Price, Place, Promotion and Product - promoting and selling a business and its products and the media they choose to use. This unit is the basis for coursework. 

  • Finance – where businesses get money from, how they manage it and where they use it.  Real Company accounts are used to analyse the performance of businesses. 


Students study the 9-1 GCSE which is assessed through 2 examinations at the end of Year 11. 


Key Stage 5 

The OCR A Level in Business is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge you, it provides insight into, and experience of, how businesses work, and encourages you to engage with commerce in their everyday lives and to make informed choices about further study and about career choices. 

Through the study of A Level Business Studies you will gain an appreciation and understanding of how a business functions and achieves success in a global environment.  You also learn how to make business decisions and solve problems, analyse business situations and create solutions to problems utilising business techniques.   

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The course is composed of a variety of units as follows: 



Unit T 


Operating in a Local Business Environment 



  • Business objectives and strategic decisions  

  • External influences facing businesses 

  • Marketing and marketing strategies  

  • Operational strategy  

  • Human resources  

  • Accounting and financial considerations  

  • The global environment of business  

The UK Business Environment 



The Global Business Environment 



All of the units are examined through written assessment: 



Exam Length 

% of course 

Operating in a Local Business Environment 

2 hours 


The UK Business Environment 

2 hours 


The Global Business Environment 

2 hours