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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

At St Wilfrid’s we are committed to promoting the British Values of: democracy and the rule of law, individual liberty whilst accepting personal and social responsibility, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and belief.

As a Catholic School we recognise the opportunity these values present not only enabling our students to live out their Gospel beliefs, but also to prepare them for adult life in a multicultural, multi-ethnic Britain and world.

These values are not only taught within our SES (Social and Ethical Studies) programme, but also permeates our school ethos and is experienced throughout the curriculum (see appendix)

Democracy and the Rule of Law

  • In addition to specifically teaching about democracy in SES, we also actively and practically promote democracy through
  • Head Student elections, where prospective candidates have to articulate how they will serve the student body. Both students and staff vote in a secret ballot in these elections.
  • A Mock General Election in which VI Form students stood as candidates, speaking in assemblies and debating in front of the VI Form, televised live to the whole school
  • A Parliamentary Candidates Debate in front of 200 VI Formers and a range of younger students and staff, and televised live to the rest of the school in which the Parliamentary candidates for Crawley were questioned on the morning of the General Election.
  • Regular visits from our local MP, and a VI Form Engagement from members of the House of Lords
  • Students gain an in depth understanding of the importance of democracy through their history studies, which follows the development of democracy and the rule of law in Britain from Medieval times to the 20th Century (see Appendix).
  • Recurring themes through the RE curriculum are crime, punishment, reconciliation and respect for other who are made in God’s image.

The school’s Behaviour Policy uses clear rewards and sanctions when appropriate and students are always made aware of the reasons for sanctions, ultimately all or work is to prepare our young people for life after St Wilfrid’s.

The school works in close partnership with our local Youth Police team, who have led Immersion Day sessions of crime and consequences

The SES pastoral programme includes specific teaching on;

  • UK Political parties, which includes a mock election
  • How political power is distributed
  • How the UK is Governed
  • Britain and the wider world
  • The UK legal System