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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Students of the Week w/c 28/09

Our outstanding students of the week this week are:

    Maja of 7GA



Maga of 7GA whose Year Leader comments, "Maja has made a great start to Year 7, receiving some very positive feedback from  her teachers!"




    Gloria of 8DF



Gloria of 8DF whose Year Leader comments, "Gloria has worked so hard on catching up with work and is now all up to date. She has an excellent work ethic."




    Erin of 9MA



Erin of 9MA who was nominated by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for "having such a positive attitude and always having a smile on her face."




 Carleigh of 10MA



Carleigh of 10MA who was chosen by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for "an excellent start to Year 10."




    Liam of 11JB



Liam of 11JB who was selected by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for "his fantastic attitude to learning in his English lessons."




 Georgia of 12HC



Georgia of 12HC who was awarded Year 12 Community Award for "her excellent attitude to Travel and Tourism and for working really hard across the board."




Maariyah of 12BB




Maariyah of 12BB who was awarded Year 12 Academic Award for "having a great start at St Wilfrid’s and for workng really hard in all areas."



  Hattie of 13RA



Hattie of 13RA who was awarded Year 13 Community Award for "her excellent attitude to UCAS applications."




  Callum of 13HF



Callum of 13HF who was awarded Year 13 Academic Award for  "working well on his personal statement and driven towards UCAS application."