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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Students of the Week 09/03

Our phenomenal students of the week this week are:

   Marija of 7LC




Marija of 7LC who was nominated by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "having a consistently excellent attitude to learning."



   Tanya of 8ND




Tanya of 8ND whose Year Leader comments, "Tanya always works exceptionally hard and is an excellent role model for her tutor group and peers."




    Alex of 9BB



Alex of 9BB who was chosen by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "his outstanding performance in the school production."




 Amelia of 10MD



Amelia of 10MD who was chosen by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for "her faultless attitude towards her studies and the contributions made to her tutor group."




    Luca of 11SC



Luca of 11SC whose Year Leader comments, "What a tremendous sense of community this wonderful student has. From his incredible work with the Tech Team in the recent production to the support he gave at the KS3 disco, to name just 2 in the last month! Luca is always happy to help, with a smile on his face and with good grace."




Shannon of 12DA



Shannon of 12DA who was nominated for the Y12 Community SOTW for, "working really hard and being thoroughly involved in all aspects of school life."



 Tieveney of 12HF



Tieveney of 12HF who was nominated as the Y12 Academic SOTW for, "working very hard and for being on top of her subjects."



  Kelsey of 13HC



Kelsey of 13HC who was nominated as the Y13 Community SOTW for "her amazing work on the school production during show week."




   Alan of 13TD




Alan of 13TD who was nominated for Y13 Academic SOTW for "working really hard."