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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Students of the Week 30/09

Our phenomenal students of the week this week are:

     Alex of 7LC




Alex of 7LC who was nominated by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "working consistently across his subjects and contributing to his form group."



    Ana of 8DB



Ana of 8DB who was selected by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "her hard working attitude and for always wanting to help others, both staff and students."




   Natalia of 9BB



Natalia of 9BB who was chosen by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "her excellent achievement and effort."




  Joshua of 10HA



Joshua of 10HA whose Year Leader comments, "Joshua has been nominated for his focus in his English and Computing lessons."




    Erin of 11SC



Erin of 11SC whose Year Leader comments, "Erin has made an excellent start to Year 11. She appears focused and has an excellent attitude to learning."





  Victoria of 12TB




Victoria of 12TB who has been awarded Community SOTW for "totally throwing herself into sixth form life since starting.  She is really supporting her form and is fully involved in the school production."




   Sadie of 12LD




Sadie of 12LD who has been awarded Academic SOTW for " working really hard in all of her subjects and making a great start to Year 12."






 Carmen of 13RA




Carmen of 13RA who has been awarded the Community SOTW for "getting straight up to speed with Dance Cub alongside Orla and for being a great friend."







    Jade of 13MF



Jade of 13MF who has been awarded the Academic SOTW for "her excellent work ethic since starting Year 13 and being on top of all of her work."