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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Students of the Week w/c 23/09/19

Our stellar students of the week this week are:

  Jennifer of 7WD



Jennifer of 7WD whose Year Leader comments, "Jennifer has shown great kindness and has been a good friend to her peers."




 Timothy of 8KF



Timothy of 8KF who was nominated by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for "having a fantastic start to the year.  He is thoughtful, kind and willing to participate in every lesson."



 Daphne of 9RD




Daphne of  9RD who was chosen by her Year Leader for "having a fantastic positive start to the year." 




  Chaya of 10WF



Chaya of 10WF who was selected by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "the help she gives her tutor."



Emmanuel of 11WD




Emmanuel of 11WD whose Year Leader comments, "Emmanuel has been nominated for being a caring, loving person, even when he thinks no one is looking."



Genevieve of 12HF



Genevieve of 12HF has been awarded Year 12 Community SOTW for "being an incredible support to the MFL department with Year 7 French."






Thomas of 12HF has been awarded Year 12 Academic SOTW for "working really hard on his maths."



    Orla of 13RA




Orla of 13RA has been awarded Year 13 Community SOTW for, "being really involved in the Sixth Form Committee already this year and also, alongside Carmen, has already organised Dance Club and got it up and running."




  David of 13HC



David of 13HC has been awarded Year 13 Academic SOTW for "working incredibly hard on his maths and all his subjects, going to extra lessons and forming study groups."