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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Student of the Week w/c 16/09/19

Our first students of the week for this academic year are:

      Jay of 7WA



Jay of 7WA who was nominated by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "making a great start to Year 7."



     Alex of 8DB



Alex of 8DB whose Year Leader comments, "Alex has had an excellent start to Year 8 and is fitting into the school life brilliantly!"



  Oliwia of 9MF




Oliwia of 9MF who was chosen by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for "helping a new student settle in to the life of St Wilfrid’s and looking after her." 



   Ruiari of 10JB



Ruiari of 10JB whose Year leader commented, Ruiari has made an outstanding start to Year 10 by taking a mature approach to his work and putting maximum effort into all that he does."




   Joshua of 11PB




Joshua of 11PB whose Year Leader commented, "Josh has made an excellent start to Year 11 and seems to be in a positive mind-set in terms of wanting to do well this year."




  Roshan of 12DA




Roshan of 12DA has been awarded Year 12 Community SOTW for "getting involved with everything in form time and being really supportive of his tutor and classmates."



  Richerd of 12DA





Richerd of 12DA has been awarded Year 12 Academic SOTW for "really attacking his business work, doing everything he can to get up to speed and working very hard."




  Rachel of 13MF




Rachel of 13MF has been awarded Year 13 Community SOTW and Director of VI Form comments, "Rachel  has been in my office everyday with different ideas of things she and the Sixth Form can get involved with."




 Tallulah of 13TD




Tallulah of 13TD has been awarded Year 13 Academic SOTW for "working incredibly hard on her art work over the summer and making sure it is up to date."