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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

Our Students of the Week 01/10/18

Our phenomenal students of the week this week are:

  Yshwa of 7DB



Yshwa of 7DB whose Year Leader commented, "Yshwa has been nominated because he has been a good friend and is kind to his peers."




  Juliana of 8MF



Juliana of 8MF who was nominated by her Year Leader and Form Tutor for "her help with the house break time competition and her great work in PE."




  Daniel of 9MD



Daniel of 9MD who was selected by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for "an excellent start to Year 9 including partaking in extra curricular activities."






  Samuel of 10FF



Samuel of 10FF whose Year Leader comments "Samuel has made an excellent start to the year.  He has a wonderful positive attitude, work ethic and general demeanour."







  Brian of 11LA



Brian of 11LA who was chosen by his Year Leader and Form Tutor for, "being an amazing role model for the year group."







   Steffi of 12MF



Steffi of 12MF whose Form Tutor comments, "Steffi has had a fantastic start to the year. She was superb in helping in a French cover lesson when the normal teacher was away."







 Morgan of 13DA




Morgan of 13DA whose Form Tutor comments, "Morgan has made a great start and pretty much organised his form assembly for this week."