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St Wilfrid's Catholic School

St Wilfrid's celebrates students' successes in this year's GCSE results.

       Harvey & Mollie



St Wilfrid’s students have achieved some excellent GCSE results this year with a high number of students achieving at least one Grade 9. At St Wilfrid’s we remain committed to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to maximise their progress across a broad and balanced curriculum. As such we work hard to create a curriculum which allows students to access courses that meet their needs and allow them to excel in subjects in which they are passionate about.



Mr Ferry, Headteacher, comments “We are seeing a lot of happy faces this morning and I am immensely proud of all of our students. The last two years have had a significant impact on every student in Year 11, not just at St Wilfrid’s but across the country but today, our students are receiving some fantastic results which are reflective of the sheer hard work they have put in despite the impact of the pandemic. Make no mistake, the grades they are receiving today have been really hard earned and they deserve every credit”.


Ewan, Bradley, Tiernan & Aaron


There were some stand out performances from students who have achieved 8 or more Grade 7s or better (the old A*/A equivalent), these are: Harvey Cosh, Jaden Da Silva, Safiya Da Silva Medina, Marcin Frankowski, Darcy Gledhill, Rosa Goddard, David Gould, Erica Intelligenza, Annmaria Joseph, Oliwia Kilianska, Chloe Landicho, Juliana Teixeira Ascensco and Luciana Teixeira Ascensco.


Livvy, Ruby, Aimee, Oakley, Kameron & Katy


          Sienna & Bradley


To gain one Grade 9 is exceptional but to gain more than one is absolutely phenomenal, congratulations therefore must go to the following students for this amazing performance: Rosa Goddard (7), Marcin Frankowski (6), David Gould (4), Harvey Cosh (3), Erica Intelligenza (3), Philippa Jenkins (3), Juliana Teixeira Ascensco (3), with the following all gaining 2; Darcy Gledhill, Jerry Kalapurackal, Natalia Krupa, Alexander Meredith, Cerys Pegley, Joshua Roadley, Alessio St Paul and Luciana Teixeira Ascensco. These students are all amazing in their own right with many others, including some of those already named, achieving at least one.



Congratulations to all of our students, we wish them well as they move into the next phase of their education or training. As they move on to the next chapter of their lives it is important that they remember that no matter what grades they have received, they are not defined by them; each and every young person has much to offer and we wish them every success and happiness.


The Headteachers locally have agreed to share the successes of students rather than statistics as this is a day to celebrate individual successes of which there are many across all of the schools in Crawley.